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The Devout Catholic



This short article focuses on the importance of prayer and offers a link to a ton of Latin Prayers.

Why Catholics Have to be Pro-Life

This short article shows the reader why Catholics are required to be pro-life.

Sin and Temptation

This short article shows the reader how to resist sin, explains what sin is, and allows for a greater understanding of temptation.

The Holy Souls

This article focuses on how we can help the holy souls, and how the holy souls have helped those that prayed for them for them.


This article outlines the Catholic Church's teachings on divorce, and wether remarried Catholics may receive Holy Communion.

The Latin Mass (extraordinary rite)

This article emphasises the beauty of the Latin Mass, and how more than ever, it is needed today.

Tidbits of Wisdom

These short reflections help us to live a better way.

The Miraculous Medal

This short article outlines the importance of this easy and powerful devotion so cherished by Our Blessed Mother.


This article points out the benefits of Confirmation and the need to return it to a younger age.