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The Devout Catholic


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I met God

Who did you meet today? I met God. How ironic it is, that we receive God in Communion, but we do not make much of it; yet when we meet the president or some other public figure, we brag to all our friends. Who really is more important?


Before you do a single thing, consider if it helps you to get closer to God. If it does, than do it more often. If not, than why do you do it in the first place? By repeating this discernment before every action, we may improve our lives and increase our chances of going to Heaven.

The Forgotten Angel

Every church has a guardian angel, assigned to it when it is consecrated. Sadly, nobody rembers this angel. The Latin Mass included a remembrance of the angel in its prayers, but the vernacular mass we have today includes no mention of this honorable figure.