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in support of life


Life begins at conception, when a newly created soul receives a body with which to merit heaven or hell. Life ends in natural death: if the soul kills its body, then it goes to hell. God is outraged that many unborn babies are murdered each day, right under our noses, and all we probably do is shake our heads and mutter, "it's too bad." Surely we can call our government officials, fund pro-life groups, attend rallies, and increase awareness. There are many things we can do. If we are indifferent, that is one day going to play a part in wether we go to heaven or hell, surely heaven and hell are not things to be indifferent about! Let us then be able to one day approach God at the Last Judgement and say to Him: "My Lord, I have done all in my power to ensure that everything contrary to Thy Most Perfect Will was prevented, and the little babies you care so deeply about were defended."

Deo Gratias