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introibo ad altare dei, Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutum meam


Vibrant articles that articulate the meaning of true devotion and engender in readers a love for God and a deeper understanding of their beautiful faith.

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Using state-of-the-art tech, The Devout Catholic inspires the faithful to greater sanctity, as well as illustrating the beauty of our Catholic faith.


A rich treasury of classic prayers, both in Latin and English.

Rooted in Tradition

This is a site that promotes Catholic teaching, and only that. In our articles, we frequently cite works such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible, and books that have nihil obstats and imprimaturs.

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May is the Month of Mary, when we honor her for being the Mother of God, and her many other graces.


The Sacred Heart of Jesus


Our Mother Most Holy


This Divine Presence

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our tradition

Ever since the Council of Trent, our Church has celebrated this exceedingly beautiful Mass. Though replaced by the Novus Ordo Mass at Vatican II, its legacy lives on in the Forma Extraordinarium, or, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. This beautiful liturgy includes many parts which do not grace the Novus Ordo Mass, such as the Asperges and the Last Gospel.

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